Melbourne entrepreneurial program ranked in top 25 in the world

The University of Melbourne’s in-house entrepreneur incubator, the Melbourne Accelerator Program, has been ranked 13th in the world by the leading Swedish-based UBI Index.

The Director of Research at the UBI Index, Dhruv Bhatli, described the MAP as an exceptional program.

“It performs really well on our global benchmark especially on access to network and competence development indicators,” he said.

“Furthermore, MAP’s clients have a higher survival and growth rate and perform much better than the global average.”

MAP Manager Rohan Workman said there is a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship in Melbourne that is starting to be recognised globally.

“We’re exceptionally pleased that our hard work over the past two years has been validated by the UBI Index,” he said.

The UBI Index ranks more than 300 university-affiliated business incubators in 67 countries in three performance categories, including value to the ecosystem, value to startup clients and attractiveness of the incubator program.

In total, more than 60 program components were used to compare incubation programs, with the MAP performing highly in both access to a high-quality network and coaching services.

Of the world’s top universities (as ranked by the Times Higher Education Ranking) only the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Accelerator Program and Georgia Tech’s Venture Lab were in the list.

Mr Bhatli said successful entrepreneurial programs require broad support.

“This proves our hypothesis that creating a competitive business incubation program requires a clear focus from the university,” said Bhatli.

MAP is part of the Carlton Connect Initiative at the University of Melbourne.  More information can be found at

For more information, contact Annie Rahilly (Media office): 9035 5380/0432 758 734 


Want to lead a MAP Meetup?

At MAP we’re keen to provide a forum for those with special interests to gather, share learnings and hopefully enable greater startup success.  In particular, we’re keen to promote the multidisciplinary relationship building that’s required to solve some of society’s most pressing issues.  Taking MedTech as an example we’re keen to provide a place for doctors, engineers and business people to get together and discuss trends, challenges, opportunities and hopefully start working towards solutions.

So far, we’re pleased to have established the following meetups:

We’re looking to establish more meetups including FinTech, EdTech, SensorTech and Big Data to name a few.  The MAP team is already quite stretched so we’re taking a decentralised approach to running these meetups.  We’re incredibly fortunate to have found a number of passionate people to take the reins on the meetups already established.  However, if you’re interested in organising one of the above suggested topics or something else entirely drop us a line at  We’ll help you get the meetup off the ground, promote through our channels and find co-organisers and then it’s over to you!

Rohan Workman

MAP Manager

Cortera Neurotechnologies secures DARPA funding

The Melbourne Accelerator Program congratulates Cortera Neurotechnologies, alumnus of the 2013 program, on being part of a UC San Francisco-led team that has secured funding from DARPA as part of US President Barack Obama’s BRAIN Initiative, which was announced here.

DARPA has provided $56 million USD of funding to Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of California, San Francisco to develop brain implants to treat mental illness.  Cortera Neurotechnologies will provide their technology to support this effort.

Cortera Neurotechnologies CEO, Dr. Rikky Muller, stated she was “incredibly proud to be a part of the first major project under the Obama BRAIN Initiative and is looking forward to working with an incredible team of physicians, scientists and engineers.”

After completing their Ph.D. research at UC Berkeley, Dr. Rikky Muller and Dr. Simone Gambini moved to Melbourne in late 2012 to take up academic positions at the University of Melbourne.  In 2013, Cortera Neurotechnologies participated in the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP), which provided office space, funding and mentoring over the course of the program.

MAP Manager Rohan Workman stated, “We’re incredibly proud to see Rikky and Simone participate in this world leading initiative.  It is fantastic validation of the hard work they’ve put into Cortera Neurotechnologies over the last year.”

The Melbourne Accelerator Program is the leading entrepreneurial program in Australia and is hosted by the University of Melbourne.  Alumni of the MAP Startup Accelerator have raised over $4 million in funding since it was established in 2012.

More information can be found at or by contacting Rohan Workman on +61 409 508 555.

MAP announces 2014 Entrepreneurial Fellows

Wednesday 4 June 2014

The Melbourne Accelerator Program is incredibly pleased to announce the startups that will participate in the MAP14 Startup Accelerator.

The Entrepreneurial Fellowships include $20k AUD funding, office space, mentoring and unparalleled networking opportunities.  The startups will also travel to Sydney and Silicon Valley for investor meetings.

MAP Manager, Rohan Workman, stated that he was “delighted with the quality of applications in 2014.  Choosing the final six was incredibly tough but we’re very pleased with the six selected and look forward to helping them grow into viable businesses”.

After a very competitive selection process the six startups that have been awarded Entrepreneurial Fellowships are:

  • Pathobin is a digital pathology hub paired with a scanning robot that makes it easy and affordable to digitise microscope slides. Pathobin improves patient diagnosis, cancer research and education through digital pathology.
  •  xLabs is developing a world-first eye-gaze tracking software that works with a single ordinary webcam. The software knows what you’re looking at as you sit in front of your computer, without restricting your movement or needing continual recalibration. It will be released as a software development kit to create a community of applications for the gaze-aware web.
  • Brosa is a marketplace that helps industrial designers manufacture and sell unique homeware products to consumers who are tired of buying from generic mass manufactured brands.
  • SCANN3D is a 3D visualisation service to pioneer the next generation of real estate marketing content. Our website and mobile app allow homebuyers to experience the 3D virtual inspections as if they were physically there.
  • Financial Ask makes financial advice accessible and affordable for everyone. We connect financial advisors with those seeking advice through our platform to empower those who could not previously afford it.
  • Quanticare Technologies creates solutions for healthcare that enable data driven clinical encounters through the development of novel monitoring and tracking technology. Our first product is a sensor system for walking frames that will facilitate better mobility and help prevent falls in the elderly.

The MAP14 Startup Accelerator will officially launch on Thursday 10 July, tickets for which can be obtained here.  Any media enquiries can be directed to

About MAP

The Melbourne Accelerator Program is the preeminent entrepreneurship program in Australia and supports entrepreneurs of all abilities.  Top startups are awarded access to the MAP Startup Accelerator and alumni have raised over $4 million AUD in funding.