Great Way For Students To Earn Extra Income- Michael Nuciforo, Co-founder Parkhound (MAP15)

Working and studying is always a difficult balancing act – especially around exam time. Some extra cash here and there can mean less time at work, and more time hitting the books. With this in mind, now is the perfect time for Melbourne University students to register for car park marketplace Parkhound.

Parkhound is an online community that connects drivers looking for parking with local residents and businesses who have spare parking spaces. If you’re a student that lives in a property that has a garage, driveway or spare parking space, you could have ‘cash in your garage’.

With Parkhound, students can list their empty parking space for free and rent it out to motorists looking for a cheaper parking alternative. On average, Parkhound members earn up to $3,000 a year and the best part is you have total control. You can lease the space 24/7 if it’s always empty, or if it’s free during business hours; list it for those times only. Actually, whenever the space is empty, there could be a driver looking for parking in your area.

Parkhound is a great way to turn nothing into something. Your empty block of land, driveway or garage could prove more lucrative than your part-time job. The extra cash you earn could help support your credit card repayments, saving for an overseas holiday or purchasing new student books. More importantly, it could mean a few less hours working, and a few more hours studying when you need to.

So sign up for Parkhound now and let your friends know. With major car parks, councils and hospitals charging a fortune for parking, we can all work together to help people find more affordable parking by leasing your space. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


MAP15 Startup Accelerator Announcement

We are pleased to announce the 8 teams that will participate in the MAP15 Startup Accelerator!

The teams will be awarded $20,000 funding, office workspace, structured mentoring and trips to Sydney and Silicon Valley.

MAP Manager, Rohan Workman stated that he was “thrilled with the 8 companies coming through the MAP15 Startup Accelerator. We’ll be working closely with these teams with the support of our mentors to help these companies grow over the next 5 months. We can’t wait to introduce them to our community during the MAP15 Launch Party!”

The MAP15 Startup Accelerator companies are:

  1. Relectrify – Making energy storage affordable by using advanced battery management systems.
  2. Nuraloop – Headphones powered by nuraloop know your ears, delivering sound that’s perfect for you.
  3. Parkhound – Connecting drivers looking for parking with local residents and businesses who have spare parking spaces.
  4. Hypetap – A platform that lets brands and agencies set up, execute and track the performance of their influencer marketing campaigns.
  5. NoteXchange – An online platform that helps facilitate peer-to-peer learning through the exchange of student notes.
  6. Jobbop – Quality ICT hires in under a fortnight.
  7. Eira Biotech – Enhancing the delivery of therapeutics into the cochlea
  8. Mobilkamu – A revolutionary online platform based in Indonesia where car buyers can spend less than two minutes to find their dream car at their dream price.

The MAP15 Startup Accelerator will officially launch on Tuesday 26 May. Tickets for our Launch Party are available here:

All media enquiries can be directed to